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Shea Butter Chemistry

Shea Butter Chemistry’s mission is to provide companies, manufacturers, organizations, governments the best authority on raw unrefined shea butter in the United States by establishing best practices from pre to post extraction techniques, quality lab testing, best manufacturing principles and fair trade agreements with the indigenous people of West African for the importation of quality shea butter into the United States. Since our inception we have been completely committed to the communities in which we obtain our Shea Butter and Black Soap products. SBC was founded to empower individuals and communities through the fair trade practices, better extraction techniques and safe work environments. This continues to be our main goal and we welcome those who are like-minded. As a result, work goes beyond the minimum commitment for most organizations that practice fair trade and attempts to empower local communities to strengthen poor areas of West African within the Shea belt region.

Woman Making Shea Butter

Our team of medical doctors, scientific doctors, researchers, formulators and experts bring you the best in shea butter education and innovation. Through our cooperative partnerships with West Africa, global partners, growers, harvesters and commercialists we believe that we have created avenues to collective agreement s for quality shea butter in the USA that will also aid in the empowerment of local African villages.

Purchasing Shea Butter and Black Soap

Juan Denmark, Purchasing Shea Butter and Black Soap in Ghana with our global partners.

Our strict adherence to fair trade means paying fair prices, better and safe working conditions, providing equal employment opportunities, promoting better living standards, engaging in environmental sustainable practices, providing partnerships with growers and harvesters and reducing extreme profitability from third party producers and consumers. We believe fair trade should be environmentally, economically, spiritually, and culturally sustainable and give local communities the opportunity to be empowered without big business coming in and taking advantage of impoverished communities.

Why is Fair Trade Practices Important To Us?

We believe that if we galvanized a movement for fair trade of shea butter and black soap that we will ensure that producers in poor countries receive a greater percentage of the price paid by consumers. Because Shea Butter Chemistry has gone through the painstaking process of researching the region and learning the landscape in which we obtain our Shea Butter, we have formed relationships with the government, villagers and consumers that we believe that we can control the growth of inferior quality shea butter that has hit the market in the United States. SBC is a company led doctors and scientists and innovators that require accountability for what it is producing in the United States in an unregulated industry.

What does Certified Mean?

Certification is an independent, neutral third party certification verifying that a lot of shea butter has been certified through rigorous lab testing to be Graded A through F. Currently the only accredited lab for certifying Shea Butter in the US is the American Shea Butter Institute, Inc in Atlanta, GA. You can read about them at We believe through this lab certification that grades the presence of mold, yeast, fungus, mildew and parasites and other contaminants that are common to shea butter imported in the US that has not been regulated by any governing body, that we cannot trust those companies, importers who possess no moral fiber and single motivation is to make money.

Juan Denmark, International Sales Liaison and Post Extraction Compliance Officer

Juan Denmark, International Sales Liaison and Post Extraction Compliance Officer

Unrefined shea butter is a hot commodity. The demand for it uses and new uses grow each day. The benefits of certification outweigh any unsubstantiated beliefs in non-certified shea butter. The chemistry speaks for itself. Pure, unrefined, shea butter free of contaminants should be the industry’s standard for any companies using shea butter and or its derivates in any cosmetics, industrial or food-grade applications..